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House shoots down Sunday liquor sales, Twittersphere groans

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

 By Aaron RuparFri., Mar. 30 2012 at 3:02 PM
If you want some drinks to wash down all those Vikings losses, you still have to buy them on Saturday.
​Today, a pair of GOP Representatives — Stephen Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, and John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove — introduced amendments to allow Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota.
Both amendment went down in a ball of flames, with about four times as many nays as yays.
Who are these Minnesotans who don’t want the rest of us to have the freedom to drink on the Lord’s Day? Whoever they are, they aren’t on Twitter.
Some anti-Sunday-sales legislators cited a desire to keep alcoholic family members sober at least one day a week as support for their stance. Others implored Minnesotans to “value church and family times.” Still others argued that legalizing Sunday sales would simply spread six days of revenue over seven days while forcing owners of small liquor stores to work an extra day.
But reaction to the amendments’ defeat on Twitter was almost universally one of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Here’s a look at some of the choicest tweets:
John Kriesel@johnkriesel  30 Mar 12 The continuous failure of every Sunday liquor sales bill is the most glaring example of special interest groups at the Capitol.
 Michael Morris@Zen2019 @johnkriesel I know what we should do for Sunday liq sales. Let’s bring it to the voters via constitutional amendment. Like voter id

Jacob Brown@jacobob DFL & GOP legislators need to stop legislating morality (and kowtowing to special interests) and approve Sunday liquor sales.


John Kriesel@johnkriesel  I can’t go to the liquor store in MN on Sundays but I can drink at bars. Unreal.


David Brauer@dbrauer I am. “@stribrooks: Rep. Gauthier says “nobody’s crying for Sunday liquor sales,” even in Duluth, with WI liquor stores open next door.”


John Kriesel@johnkriesel Unreal. RT @JohnCroman: Opponents to Sunday liquor sales say that people need to plan ahead and buy on Sat or cross the border.


David @justacoolcat Maybe someone should introduce a bill to only sell liquor on Thursdays in Mn. Plan Ahead!

Perhaps folks who spend their time camped out on Twitter just really like to drink. But something tells us that if the legislature took Morris’ advice and put the Sunday sales issue to Minnesota voters, we’d soon have more than just our tears and whatever booze is left from the night before to wash down all those Vikings losses.